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Patient Comfort Appeal

We urgently need your support to buy new beds and pressure-relieving mattresses for our patients. You’ve been there for us in the past. Please, could you help us again today?


“My name is Sam Bennett and I am Ward Sister on the In-patient Unit here at St Barnabas. I came to the hospice in 1989, which means I’ve been caring for local people at the end of their lives for just over 28 years.

Sam Bennett, St Barnabas House In-patient Unit Ward Sister“We’re fortunate here at St Barnabas to have a new, purpose-built hospice building – and an amazing palliative (end-of-life) care nursing team. But, without the right environment and equipment, there’s only so much any nursing team can achieve.

“We have 20 beds for our patients and each bed is a combination of a motorised bed frame and a pressure-relieving mattress. But, 10 of these beds are now over 15 years old (they were already several years old when we moved them over from the old building!) and desperately need replacing.”

You can read Sam’s letter in full here.

How you can help us

Each new bed will cost £2,700 – and £2,900 for the ones that can drop right to the floor. The mattresses are £2,350 each (and that larger mattress for couples will cost £2,480). So, all in all, we need to find £53,780 in the next few months.

We have a budget for the In-patient Unit of course, but there’s no ‘spare’ money in there for equipment – we have to budget for the nursing costs first. So, we have to turn to our supporters, people like you, and ask for your help.

Would you would be willing to be one of a group people who club together to buy either a bed, a mattress, or a combination, between you?

One hundredth of a ‘drop-to-the-floor’ bed would be £29; one fiftieth of a new pressure-relieving mattress would be £47. Fifty people each giving £105 would allow us to buy a whole bed-and-mattress set. Whatever you feel you could contribute would be wonderful.

Thank you for your support.