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There’s so many ways you can get involved and support St Barnabas House.

Take the £50 Challenge

Take part in the St Barnabas House £50 challenge and help to raise vital funds to support the care services of your local hospice.


What is the £50 challenge?

It’s really simple – we’ll send you £50 and you have four months to turn it into more! There are lots of fun ways you can help local patients and their families who need hospice care.

If you would like to take part, please fill in the form found under the ‘Register now’ section of this page.

Set yourself a target and start fundraising…

£100 – allows us to assess a patients needs on admission to St Barnabas

£126 – will provide a whole day of care for a patient in their own home.

£178 will cover the cost of one person to attend the day hospice giving their carer a much needed break.

This is a great opportunity to involve your company, group or school in an exciting challenge.

Comments from last year’s participants

Samantha Hill, Oasis Dental Care

Oasis Dental Care £50 Challenge“The £50 challenge is a great idea in helping you get started for your fundraiser. We organised a charity quiz night for a colleague who spent her final days in your care and in return we raised over £2,000 in what was a very emotional and memorable night. St Barnabas were great at checking in with how we were doing and offering their support and thanks.”

Emma Spicer-Howard, Southern Water Procurement Team

“The challenge was a great way to use our team’s professional strengths and natural competitive nature. We held a raffle which allowed each team member to participate by selling tickets. It was great fun and wonderful to know the money raised is going to a local and worthy cause.”

Esther Fletcher, Southern Water Procurement Team

“I took part in the £50 Challenge by doing a sponsored silence. My tagline was, ‘The more you pay, the quieter I stay!’ with the idea being that the more money I raised, the longer I would be quiet for. As I exceeded my target, Esther Fletcher Southern Water £50 ChallengeI then had to be silent at work for 3 whole days!

“The reason I decided on this challenge was that it would be a very visual way to raise money. I kept the sticker on my mouth the whole time with the text message number on, and had handouts to give out at all times to encourage people to donate when they asked me about why I was being silent. It was also a challenge to me personally as I love to talk!”