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Digging Deep, a reflection from Stephen

Wednesday 6 May 2020

“This crisis brings out the best and the worst in people!”

I wonder how many times you’ve heard somebody say that recently, or maybe said it yourself?

There’s little doubt that Covid-19 is providing an enormous challenge to our way of thinking and behaving and it’s causing us all to reflect quite deeply at times on our outlook on life, and what really matters. We find ourselves responding to what’s happening in particular ways. We may even be surprised by how we’re responding to the challenges. This crisis will be revealing a lot about you, about me, about all of us! It can’t help but do that.

At such a time as this we need gently to look at what’s going on inside of us and give it some kind attention.

Talking with others about how we feel can be really helpful, sharing any anxieties or fears we may have. Sharing too with others something that may have gone well or that has been an encouragement to us. Some find it helpful to keep a log of thoughts and feelings in a journal.

And we all may need to be digging deep to find the resources to help us – possibly digging a bit deeper than we normally have to. Having been doing a bit of digging in our veg patch this week I notice that the really good quality soil is always a bit further down, below the harder crust with its weeds and its stones. It’s this soil that, as I dig the ground over, needs to come more to the surface.

I’m in no doubt that the current crisis is bringing out the best and the worst in our human nature. But my belief is also that if we dig deep we will find within ourselves the resources of faith, and hope and love that have been planted within us by One who has designed us to find ways of coping in times of difficulty.

As we each dig deep in our own ways may we find the faith, the hope, the love that we need for each day.

As always this comes with my very best wishes and prayers for you and for all who you hold dear at this time. Please do feel able to contact myself or Sarah in the Chaplaincy Team if ever a chat would be helpful.

Tel 01903 706374 or email stephen.gurr@stbh.org.uk