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“Do the birds sing louder?” reflection from Stephen

Thursday 11 June 2020

Do the birds seem to you to be louder at the moment?

It certainly feels that they’re singing much louder than they normally do.

I was listening in the car the other day to a programme that spoke about this very subject, and the interesting thing proven by scientists is that actually, believe it or not, birdsong is currently quieter than normal!

Birds are making less noise than they usually do because they’re not competing with as much road noise or air traffic. When these other noises increase – so does their chirping! They raise their game.

So they’re making less noise, but we’re hearing more of it! It seems our ears are becoming tuned in to the world around us in a different way at the moment – and I think that’s fascinating.

What, I wonder, might you be hearing in a different way?

It may be something from the environment around you, or it may be something within you that’s asking perhaps to be given some attention at the moment. There may be all sorts of things that we’ve become more sensitive to in these days. If something is presenting itself then it really is important to pay attention to it. Maybe ask yourself, “Why am sensing this now?” “Why am I more aware of this particular thing currently?”

Lots of people have spoken with me over recent weeks about a heightened spiritual awareness, and a deeper sense of connection not just with the seen world around us, but also with what is unseen, and which is also inviting our attentiveness. It’s good to give time to reflect on what’s going on for us spiritually, and to give ourselves permission to ask spiritual questions that we may never have asked before.

So, what for you feels different at the moment? What is inviting you today to give it some attention?

If you’d find a chat with someone about all this helpful then do feel free to contact myself or Sarah in the Chaplaincy Team. We’d be really happy to spend some time with you.

Take care for now – and to assure you that we keep our hospices, all connected with them and the communities they serve regularly in our prayers.

Bye for now, Stephen

(Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Lead)

stephen.gurr@stbh.org.uk | 01903 706374

sarah.bell@stbh.org.uk | 01903 708075