Becky tackles Man Vs Mountain

A Worthing woman who says she previously “struggled to run up the stairs” will take on an epic challenge this September in memory of her father. Becky Whitbourn will tackle the 22-mile Man Vs Mountain adventure, which starts at Caernarfon Castle and weaves its way to the summit of Snowdon and down the other side, culminating in a fiendishly difficult obstacle course.

Becky in her St Barnabas t-shirt

Becky will be raising money for St Barnabas House, which cared for her dad, Mark, in his own home. “They were available 24/7 and they helped us get through some of the most unbearable nights of my life,” says Becky. “They helped prepare us for what was to come and did everything in their power to keep Dad comfortable.” After Mark’s death, Becky accessed grief counselling from St Barnabas, which continues to this day.

“My dad was utterly kind and generous,” says Becky. “He would help anyone in need. With a smile that was contagious, he could make anyone feel instantly as ease. Dad was a builder, and he was always tinkering away in his garage building or fixing things. Any time I needed something to be mended, he knew exactly what to do. Dad was never more at home than when he was up a ladder, precariously balancing without a worry in the world. Even when he was sick, he kept asking if he could go up a ladder!

Becky and her dad at home

“My dad loved his garden and wildlife gravitated towards him. He once rescued a disgruntled pigeon in our garden, feeding it peanuts. It would sit on Dad’s shoulder as he pottered round the garden, and it still comes to our kitchen window to be fed.”

Inspired by Mark’s strength and tenacity, Becky decided to take on the Man Vs Mountain challenge, training for the adventure by running, practising yoga and strength training. Although she has done similar challenges in the past, the altitude will add an extra layer of difficulty to this already arduous route, as she explains. “I wanted something that would challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone, and this will certainly do that!

“I know it won’t be easy, but I will be remembering my dad and the day before he died. Although he couldn’t talk by then, he sat up with me and my brothers and listened to every word we said. That would have been so hard for him – he had lost all his muscle and couldn’t eat, so it took so much energy to sit himself up. If he could do that, I can do this. If I can also raise funds to help an amazing cause, then that is a huge bonus.

“I am not a great runner, so I know I will struggle. But I am looking forward to the views and the swim at the end.

“If my dad could see me now, he’d think I am crazy! I have always had an adventurous streak and he always cheered me on. I can just hear him now, saying “Go get ’em, girl!”

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