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Challenge yourself for charity

How to get ready for an adrenaline challenge

  1. Treat it like an athletic challenge. You wouldn’t turn up to a 10k race without the proper footwear, a full nights sleep and a hearty breakfast. And an adrenaline challenge is just the same – while it doesn’t require training in the same way a run or a cycle event does, you do need to be mindful of our physical state going into the big day. We work with amazing, professional companies who put on our bungee jumps, wing walks and skydives and they’ll let you know what they recommend you do for the big day.
  2. Practice mindfulness. It’s normal to be scared, and you might not be able to get rid of all your nerves – but mindfulness techniques and meditation have been proven to reduce stress. You might find some of these techniques helpful in the run up to the big day!
  3. Ask questions. The more you know about the task ahead the better you’ll feel. All the organisations we work with who put on the events have FAQs and lots of info on their websites about the safety precautions they take to make sure everything runs smoothly. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you want reassuring about.
  4. No detail is too small. As well as asking questions – it’s also a good idea to tell the organisers about your own health and any concerns you have. You might not think that it’s relevant to mention a health condition that seems irrelevant – but anything from high blood pressure to asthma could be important to flag up – so that you can take on  the challenge safely.

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More unique and daring ideas for charity fundraising

  • Boxing Day day dip in the sea – A popular event up and down the country – channel your inner Wim Hof and take a plunge in the depths of winter.
  • Muddy obstacle course – Take part in an organised obstacle course – like Tough Mudder –  or even better, create your own crazy obstacle course! You could sell tickets to friends and family for them to have a go too.
  • Shave all your hair off – Originally started for Cancer charities, but now it’s a staple of charity fundraising for any cause.
  • Dunk tank – A classic at school fairs and community fates up and down the country. Grab your boss or the head teacher and get them in the hot seat for maximum fundraising potential!
  • 24 hours of… – 24 hours of hopping on one foot, or dancing or burpees! Choose anything and commit to dedicating a full day and night of endurance.

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