Lara’s story

Lara’s dad, David, was just 54 years old when he died. In his final months, the palliative care that he received at home and at the hospice meant that he and his family could spend time talking, laughing and creating memories together.

Meet my family

I'd like to tell you about my dad, David, and the difference hospice care made to him and the rest of my family.

About Dad

My dad was a lawyer, a runner, a wild water swimmer, a lover of food, a guitarist and a carpenter. He loved the outdoors more than anything, especially when enjoying it with his family.

It was a massive shock when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in early 2020. The doctors gave Dad six months, so we knew we couldn’t waste any time. Thanks to the care provided by St Barnabas House, we made every moment we had left together count.

How St Barnabas House helped us until the end

In the last few months, the Hospice at Home nurses would visit twice a day to care for Dad and administer his medicine. We’d be chilling out and spending time with him and they were always so gentle and friendly.

When Dad started to deteriorate, the care he needed became very specialist so he was admitted to the hospice where he could be supported full-time by the care team. It’s hard to explain the feeling of safety and peace that the nurses gave all of us during those final weeks.

Compilation of Lara and her Dad
Black and whote photo of a St Barnabas House patient holding a coiled piece of rope in front of his face to simulate a moustache

“In those final weeks, we became experts at bringing silliness into any moment. I think I laughed more during 2020 than I have in any other year of my life. That’s what amazing hospice care can offer, a chance to really live, to see Dad and not his illness.”

A family gathered around a male patient at St Barnabas House

St Barnabas brought us all a huge sense of relief from no longer having to worry about things like medicines, personal care or feeding. And it also gave my dad a lot of peace, knowing we were being looked after too.