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Before you head out, here are some educational articles which will hopefully provide the answers to some of the questions you may have.


Lockdown rules

It has been a very hard year for everybody, but with the governments planned roadmap to hopefully ease the lockdown rules there is light at the end of the tunnel – hooray!

Keeping track on the latest rules and where we can go, how we can get out and about and exercise can be very confusing.

The best place to keep up to date can be found on the government’s website. Make sure you regularly check the updates as the rules can quickly change.


Tracking your activity

Smart watches, fitness trackers or your smart phone? What do you use to track your progress on whichever activity you may be taking part in.

Having a tracker has a huge amount of benefits, not only can you see what you have achieved on that day but it is also a handy way to keep a record of what you have done and more importantly actually see the improvements and progress along the way.

There are so many options and brands out there that it can be very tricky to know where to start if you are looking for a new tracker. Wiggle have tested the latest the latest new sport watches from Garmin. Have a look at what they thought!


Staying safe in the sun

Wearing sunscreen daily is important, especially when venturing outdoors to exercise. Reapplying periodically whilst on long treks or runs is also a good idea, to ensure that your skin is protected from harmful UV rays.

Have a read of this article from The Skin Cancer Foundation, who outline why it’s important to remember to wear sunscreen and how to pick the right protection for you.



We love the great outdoors; be it walking, running, cycling, swimming, canoeing or even sailing there is just so much to see and do.

With even more of us now exploring the British Isles and taking our holidays at home we are reaching those hard to reach places more than ever, off the beaten track, totally remote. But what happens if you find yourself in trouble? 

What if there was a simple app that could turn out to be a life saver. 

what3words is an app that is beautifully simple and yet incredible. In theory you should never get lost again. Every 3 square meters of the world has been given 3 unique words.

These three words can be used to share your location with the emergency services should you need them, meaning they know exactly in the world where you are.  

Read this article from the BBC to see exactly how it works. 


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