Pay for a Day

Give 24hours of support and love to those needing hospice care.

Why Pay for a Day?

Everyday at the hospice is special, and you might be choosing the day one of our nurses visits the family home for the first time. It might be the day someone finds a support group at a Living Well session. Or, of course, it may be a family’s last day together, supported by our nursing team.

How do I Pay for a Day?

There’s 3 options you can choose from:

  • £27,000 for a whole day of all of our services. This includes in-patients, day services, community care and counselling and therapy services.
  • £12,00 for a whole day of in-patient care
  • £4,500 for a whole day of community care

These are the amounts we need to raise each day to pay for care services, and that’s the amount we ask you to give or raise.

Thank you for choosing to support your local hospice charity, you’re helping adults with life-limiting illnesses and their loved ones enjoy life as fully as possible, for the time they have left together.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes you can! Every day of the year is available to select on a first-come, first-served basis.

Some people choose to celebrate the birthday of a loved one, or a special day or anniversary. Organisations might select a day of significance to their staff or members.

There’s no limit to the amount of time you take to raise the money and no limit to the number of days you can pay for.

  • Make a one-off donation
  • Pledge to make a number of smaller donations throughout the year
  • Raise money through fundraising activities
  • Give through your company
  • Be part of a group that raises the money

As a thank you for choosing to Pay for a Day we’ll make sure your generosity is celebrated in a number of ways. On your chosen day:

  • Your name and organisation (where applicable) is displayed in our reception area
  • We’ll give you a shout-out on our website and social media
  • You’ll be remembered permanently in our Book of Days

We’ll also send you a framed certificate for you to keep or display.