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Great Wall of China Challenge 2022

New trip dates: 23 April 2022 – 1 May 2022

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China
China Great Wall 47
Great Wall of China
China Great Wall 16
Great Wall of China
“You have not lived if you have not been to the Great Wall” so the Chinese saying goes!

Join our St Barnabas House China Trekking Team as you explore the mysteries of the Great Wall. Trek along this legendary man-made Wonder of the World, experience the fascinating culture and explore the treasures of Beijing with its Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and famous Tiananmen Square.

The trek will also take you along the Badaling Old section where you will ensure your place in the history of the Great Wall by helping to reconstruct a section of the wall. In addition, as many of you will be taking on this trek in memory of a loved one, you will have the opportunity to leave them a message whilst taking on the challenge.

Why challenge yourself for St Barnabas House?

St Barnabas House has been providing hospice care for local people and their families for over 45 years. Our goal is to provide high quality, specialist palliative care, both within the hospice and in the comfort of patients’ own homes, caring for adults with advanced progressive life-limiting illnesses and providing support for their families.

In recent years we have created a Disease Specific Nursing Team with dedicated specialist nurses working in key areas of care to support patients with renal, liver, respiratory and heart conditions, as well as our core services for patients with cancer and neurological conditions.

We have also introduced a Therapy Team who work across all areas of the service we provide, and we are currently exploring new ways in which we can improve how we support patients at an earlier stage of their disease journey.

Patients are never charged for their care. It costs nearly £9 million each year to run the hospice and only a small part of these costs are state funded. This means that the majority of the money has to be raised through voluntary donations from local communities within the Worthing, Adur, Arun and Henfield areas.

The funds raised by the 2020 China Trek team will enable us to continue to expand our services, helping St Barnabas House to provide care for those who need it for years to come.

Will you take on this challenge on a lifetime and help us reach everyone who needs hospice care?

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