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Hospice Care Week 2018

Hospice Care Week (8-14 October) is a national campaign that aims to raise awareness of hospice care. It also gives you the chance to get involved with your local hospice.


Say I ❤ my hospice during Hospice Care Week (8-14 October)...

I heart my hospice logo - Hospice Care Week 2018Throughout Hospice Care Week, together with hospices across the country, St Barnabas House will be educating people about the care services we provide and addressing the misconceptions and fears that many people have about hospice care.

St Barnabas House does extraordinary work in the heart of the local community. Now is your chance to show your support by saying ❤ heart my hospice!

How you can get involved…

You can get involved in Hospice Care Week by pledging to volunteer, fundraising, participating in an event, visiting a St Barnabas House charity shop or by making a donation to help the hospice to continue providing vital care for your local community.

Find out more about how you can get involved in any of these things by clicking on the links below…

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Getting involved can even be as simple as sharing why you heart St Barnabas House on social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #HeartMyHospice to show your support.

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You can find out more about the Hospice Care Week campaign by visiting the Hospice UK website.

Caring for patients with heart failure

Did you know, St Barnabas House now provides an Advanced Heart Failure Service for patients who have been diagnosed with Advanced Heart Failure?

Such has been the impact of the service since it was first introduced by the hospice in 2016 that Michaela Wheatley, the Advanced Heart Failure Nurse Specialist, was recently nominated for a British Heart Foundation ‘Heart Hero’ award.