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The 2.6 Challenge

Can you be a home hero for St Barnabas House by taking on the 2.6 Challenge on Sunday 26 April 2020?


Due to the COVID-19 crisis we sadly had to postpone all upcoming fundraising events, as well as close our retail shops and cease face-to-face fundraising for the time being. The resulting loss of income is having a huge impact during this crucial time.

We need your help and support more than ever before, and the great news is that anyone can become a fundraising hero for St Barnabas House by joining the new 2.6 Challenge!

You don’t need to be marathon runner, cycling enthusiast, trekker or even a baking whizz – you can choose your activity or challenge, and it can even be done in the comfort of your living room.

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What is the 2.6 Challenge?

Designed to help save the UK’s charities, the 2.6 Challenge has been set up by the organisers of the London Marathon, as a simple way for the nation to come together on Sunday 26 April (the original date of the London Marathon before it was postponed) and fundraise for their chosen charity by doing any activity they wish.

All you need to do is dream up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 and set up a fundraising page.

You might decide to do a 2.6 mile dog walk or a 26 km bike ride, juggle for 2.6 minutes, do 26 star jumps, dance for 26 minutes, walk 2.6 km around your garden, or maybe get 26 people together for a video yoga class.

The 2.6 Challenge

Your imagination is the limit!

We understand these are uncertain times, and only want you to take up this challenge if you are able to do so, but every extra pound that you are able to raise for St Barnabas House will make such an enormous difference at this time. It would be wonderful to have your support.

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How to be a 2.6 Challenge hero:

There are 5 easy steps to taking part in the 2.6 Challenge…

1. Come up with your activity

Do 26 minutes of gardening, walk up and down your stairs 26 times, hold a plank for 2.6 minutes, knit for 26 minutes – the options are endless.

2. Set up a fundraising page

Not only will your donations come straight to St Barnabas House, but for everyone who fundraises as part of the 2.6 Challenge, we’ll get an extra donation from the campaign organisers. Set up your fundraising page here.

3. Tell the world

Share your fundraising page with everyone you know via email, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok and tell them about your 2.6 Challenge. Be sure to tag St Barnabas House and use #TwoPointSixChallenge #TogetherApart

4. Do your challenge

On Sunday 26 April, the nation will be coming together as millions of people across the UK complete their 2.6 Challenge. Be sure to post a picture or video on social media of you in action and tag St Barnabas House.

5. Share your success

Tell your supporters how you got on. Plus share your pictures and story with us so we can tell everyone the amazing way you were a 2.6 Challenge hero for St Barnabas House.

Look after yourself

Whatever activity you choose to do, all we ask is that you don’t try anything too strenuous and follow the Government guidelines on exercise, going outside and social distancing – but as you’ll see there are plenty of 2.6 Challenge ideas where you can be a home hero.

We’re here for you every 2.6 hop, skip, or jump of the way

You can find great tips and ideas for your 2.6 Challenge here and we are always here if you wish to chat over an idea or need help setting up your fundraising.

Please contact events@stbh.org.uk.