Reindeer with speech bubble announcing "Reindeer Fun is here!"

Reindeer Fun

Thank you to everyone who took part in Reindeer Fun in 2021! Pay in your fundraising here:

How to pay in your sponsorship

It couldn't be easier, all you need to do is hand your sealed sponsorship envelopes in to your school or group, we'll come and collect them and then take care of the rest! You can contact us using the link to the online form, and someone will arrange to pick up the sponsorship forms.

Online form
Yoga class taking part in Reindeer Fun

What's next?

Once we've collected your sponsorship forms we'll send you a certificate confirming how much you've raised.

How your fundraising helps


is enough to give a patient a whole night of care at home, giving carers a night off


gives bereaved relatives the chance to get therapeutic support


means a patient can spend their last days at the hospice, surrounded by loved ones

Want to send in your fundraising online?

You can also give in your fundraising online - please follow the just giving link and remember to put Reindeer Fun and the name of your school, workplace or group in the comments.

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