Give it Up

Thank you to everyone who gave something up in 2022!
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What's Give It Up all about?

From taking a break from social media, to giving up your daily coffee, or swapping your favourite sweet treats for something healthier, every penny you donate will make a big difference to local people and their families.

Your task is simple

Choose what you're going to give up (it’s totally up to you) and donate what you’ve saved over the 40 days to your local hospice. Get in touch at let us know you're up for the challenge:

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Additional sponsorship

Is what you're giving up a real challenge? Perhaps your coffee consumption is a long-running joke in the office, or you are kicking the habit of a lifetime? If you're pushing yourself, ask your friends and family to sponsor you along the way. We'll send you a sponsorship form once you're signed up, or you can sign up to JustGiving and get sponsored.

How Give it Up works

If you’d like to Give it Up for St Barnabas House and help support local people, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Decide what you want to give up for Lent: Lent’s a great time to kick bad habits. Why not choose something that you’ve been meaning to cut down on, or something that costs you a lot each week? Make sure to choose something realistic but also challenging.
  2. Get in touch: Fill in the form below and let us know you’re up for the challenge, we’ll be here to support you with fundraising materials.
  3. Complete your task: 40 days and 40 nights of perseverance and strength to keep yourself away from temptation.
  4. Get sponsored: Ask your friends and family to sponsor your endeavours, you can sign up on JustGiving to collect sponsorship easily. (Don’t forget to share on social media too!)
  5. Pay in your hard earned money: If you’ve collected sponsorship, or just saved your pennies from the thing you chose to give up, you just need to donate the amount.

There’s no rules about what you should give up for Lent, but most people choose to give up something they know is a bad habit but find hard to kick.

Here’s some popular ideas to give up for Lent:

  • caffeine
  • chocolate, sweets, desserts and cakes (or, just choose one!)
  • cigarettes or alcohol
  • social media
  • your favourite streaming service
  • screen time before bed

Over the course of Lent you’ll just need to keep an eye on how much your saving, and at the end you can send us the money you’ve been successful at fundraising online.

You can also use JustGiving if you’re looking to get sponsored for Give it Up, all you need to do is sign up and share your profile with friends and family who can sponsor you directly.

Where your fundraising goes


can provide and house of expert care for a patient during a stay at the hospice.


can give a patient and their family time with a social worker, providing practical support and a listening ear


could fund a nurse on the hospice ward for a full day - helping people live life to the full in the time that they have

Top tip!

You might slip up over the course of 40 days (you're only human, after all!) why not add a penalty amount for each time you miss the mark which you add to your donation? It might even keep you more motivated to stay on track!