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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is becoming increasingly popular. Discover more about how your business can support St Barnabas House hospice care by making tax deductible gift donations through the Payroll Giving scheme.


What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a simple, flexible and tax effective method of charitable giving which allows your employees to donate to St Barnabas House and their other chosen charities by a direct deduction from their wage.

Payroll Giving donations are deducted before tax so each £1.00 you give will only cost you 80p, and if you’re a higher rate tax payer it will only cost you 60p.

Benefits to your organisation:

• Gives your employees the opportunity to donate to their chosen charity in a simple and tax effective way.

• Your business will be seen to be more supportive and caring.

• Enhances staff morale – improving retention and recruitment.

• Improves your business’s charitable giving and social responsibility with minimal effort or cost to the employer.

• Enables you to measure the level of charitable giving that your company has helped achieve.

How to set it up:

Register your business with a Payroll Giving Agency (PGA) which will process your employees’ donations and distribute the money to their chosen charities.

By law, Payroll Giving must be administered through an Inland Revenue registered PGA and they will advise you on the best way to set up the scheme.

Promoting the scheme to your employees:

• Let everyone know about the scheme – nominate a member of staff to be your Payroll Giving champion.

• Include Payroll Giving in your staff induction programme.

• Demonstrate your dedication – think about matching Payroll Giving donations.

• Thank your staff for signing up.

Further Information

For more information please contact our Fundraising Team.

Alternatively please visit the HMRC Payroll pages here.