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There’s so many ways you can get involved and support St Barnabas House.


Local businesses

Are you a local business wanting to get involved in charity fundraising for St Barnabas House? There are many opportunities for your business to get involved.


Our local area is packed full of thriving businesses, with exciting entrepreneurs and passionate people everywhere we turn.

We never fail to be astounded by the innovative, creative and inspirational ideas people come up with to raise money for St Barnabas House with their staff and colleagues!

Here are some suggestions to get your brain ticking…

Have a collecting tin

The easiest way for your business to raise money for St Barnabas House is by having your own collecting tin. Call us on 01903 254777 to arrange for us to drop it in. Let us know when your tin is full and we will swap it for an empty one.


We could help you fill your restaurant on a quieter night – simply choose a two or three course set menu and a price, which includes a donation to St Barnabas.

For example, you offer a two course set menu, which costs the restaurant £10, and we charge customers £15 a ticket, giving a £5 donation to St Barnabas for each seat filled. Holding a raffle can also boost the amount you raise.

Hold a pub quiz

Are you a pub landlord or do you work for a local pub? Why not host a pub quiz, hold a raffle, or have a karaoke night or open mic night and ask for a donation to St Barnabas House? Or you could take part in the Mega March Hospice Quiz which takes place every March.