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St Barnabas House Christmas Appeal 2018

Please support our Christmas Appeal so we can continue to provide hospice care for people at the end of their lives.


For our Christmas Appeal this year, Millie shared her story about the care we gave to her mum, Betty and then her husband, Paul.

Millie’s story

Photo 17-04-2017, 10 05 33St Barnabas has been a huge thing in my life. It started with my mum. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February 2015.

She went to St Barnabas for pain and medication management. She was so happy there, and it made a massive difference to her.

Mum died in April 2015 and then in December 2016, my husband Paul became ill. He was diagnosed with the neurological condition CJD. They say it’s like dementia fast forward times ten. Only 66 people a year in the country get CJD. He was just so unlucky. By the time he got to St Barnabas, everything was shutting down.

Photo 22-07-2017, 01 06 53I never felt like I was putting the staff out. They can never do enough for you. Paul died with dignity. He slipped away really peacefully.

Everybody has to go through bereavement but I feel like I had a double dose of it. I’m doing alright now. But there are loads more families who need help right now.

Please, will you help St Barnabas be there for them, by making a donation this Christmas?

Thank you so much.


You can read Millie’s full story here.

Your support will help us to provide care for patients this Christmas

It costs £26.00 to provide one hour of care for a patient at the hospice. During that time we can make them comfortable on Christmas morning and ready to welcome their family. A gift from you this Christmas could enable us to provide this care for a patient and their family over the Christmas period.

If you wish to make a donation to St Barnabas this Christmas, please visit our Christmas Appeal JustGiving page.