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We provide family support at St Barnabas House as part of our hospice care. This is where you will find information about the services we offer for families.


Family Support

When a family member or someone close to you is diagnosed with a serious illness, it can be a distressing, frightening and a lonely time, which leaves you with a sense of helplessness and loss of control.

Family members may also protect each other by not talking about what is happening, which can increase the sense of isolation.

Using the links below we hope to answer any questions you have about the hospice care services St Barnabas House offers to families and carers.

Information for Families

The following pages aim to tell you everything you need to know about the family support we offer at St Barnabas House.

Click on the links below to find out more information about the support we provide for families and carers.

Family Services

Find out more about the support services we provide to the families of patients.

Bereavement Service

We provide bereavement support for any relative or friend of a patient who has died under our care.

Advice for Carers

Find out about our weekly drop-in sessions which offer advice for carers.

Counselling Family Services