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Hospice Care Pioneers

St Barnabas House is pioneering five key new developments that will transform our hospice care service over the next five years.


Disease Specific Nursing Team

We have created a Disease Specific Nursing Team with dedicated specialist nurses working in key areas of care to support patients with End Stage Renal Failure, End Stage Liver Disease and Advanced Heart Failure.

Find out more about our disease specific care services.

More volunteer support

Another new initiative we are exploring is Dementia Companions to extend our growing Community Companions service by giving additional training to volunteers to support patients with Dementia.

We are also expanding our team of Volunteer Counsellors, Family Services Visitors and Ward Volunteers who are part of a wider team of volunteers that support our clinical services.

Echo (end of life care hub for Coastal West Sussex)

We are one of the leading partners of Echo, a 24 hour a day, seven day a week, nurse-led telephone support service for patients who have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. Echo co-ordinates end of life care for people across our catchment area and beyond.

The service can be used by patients approaching the end phase of their life, as well as carers, families, or healthcare professionals as one single number to phone. Our specialist nurses and palliative care consultants provide 24/7 advice and support to Echo nurses.

Find out more about the Echo (end of life care hub).

Wellbeing at the heart of our service

‘Wellbeing’ is the name we give to rehabilitative palliative care, enabling patients to maximise their physical and mental wellbeing, giving them the chance to have a better quality of life.

We are introducing a new Therapy and Support Team which will work across all areas of the service we provide. We will be exploring new ways in which we can improve the way we support some of our patients at an earlier stage of their disease journey, through a focus on rehabilitation.

This is very much geared towards a stronger focus on helping patients maximise their independence and ability to undertake everyday tasks that we all quite possibly take for granted.

Sharing our knowledge

Our Education Team is currently supporting 28 care homes through various programmes. We are reaching nurses, care support workers, managers and team members across the community to share our knowledge and best practice of palliative care for the benefit of those approaching the end of life.