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Access to Advice

As part of our on-going family care services we offer experienced palliative care advice to our patients and carers from our Community Nurse Specialist by telephone 24 hours a day. This advice phone line covers medical, nursing and general palliative care issues.


During office hours

Please phone the Community Team office to be put through to a Community Nurse Specialist. You can either leave a message or, if urgent, advice can be given immediately.

  • Office hours: Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm
  • Sat – Sun, 9am to 5pm (including Bank Holidays)
  • Community Team 01903 706350

Out of hours

If you are calling out of hours and you are a patient registered with echo, please call 01903 254789 and carefully listen to all of the options before selecting echo.

If you are not registered on echo you can contact the general hospice switchboard and make it clear that you are calling for advice. Your call will be directed to a Senior Staff Nurse on the In-patient Unit. The nurse will answer the query directly if she is able to.

The ward nurse may advise you to contact the out of hours district nursing service or out of hours doctors if needed. If more complex advice is required they will need to contact the Senior Hospice Doctor on call to discuss how to help.

  • General hospice switchboard 01903 706300

Advice at home

The Community Palliative Care Team works with the Primary Care Team supporting people in their own homes, this service is now available seven days a week and is accessible to patients and their carers.

The Community Specialist Nurse works closely with the local out-of-hours services to support patients at home, and can facilitate admission to the hospice if required, where capacity allows.

Community Specialist Nurse working hours

  • Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm
  • Sat – Sun, 9am to 5pm (including Bank Holidays)

At present one nurse covers the whole of the St Barnabas House catchment area at weekends and Bank Holidays. This is a large area, so if advice is needed when the nurse is visiting, telephone calls will be diverted to the ward nurses during that time.

Where urgent specialist advice or support is needed at weekends and Bank Holidays, a Specialist Nurse can be telephoned and a visit arranged if necessary.

How to contact the weekend Specialist Nurse

The weekend Specialist Nurse can be contacted through the St Barnabas House switchboard. Please ask to be connected to the Community Team where they’ll put you through to someone who can help you.

  • General hospice switchboard 01903 706300

Complaints, concerns and feedback

If you would like to make a complaint, raise a concern or provide feedback about any aspect of the care services we provide at St Barnabas House, please click here.

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