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Liver Supportive Care Service

The key worker for the Liver Supportive Care Service is a specialist nurse who works closely with the Liver Team at Worthing Hospital, the palliative care doctors and nurses at St Barnabas House, your GP and other healthcare professionals.


The Liver Supportive Care Nurse aims to provide a high quality service to manage the symptoms and provide support for psychological and emotional needs that may occur as a result of End Stage Liver Disease.

The Liver Supportive Care Nurse is based at St Barnabas House but also works closely with the Liver Specialist at Worthing Hospital.

Contact with the Liver Supportive Care Nurse is usually by phone with the majority of contact being through home visits.

What does the service provide?

• Advice and Support about managing symptoms
• The opportunity to discuss treatment options; to make informed choices related to End Stage Liver Disease
• The opportunity to talk about planning for the future, including end of life care

Referrals can be made to other services that may be of benefit:

• Family Services Team
• Day Hospice
• Physiotherapist
• Hospice at Home Team
• Community Palliative Care Team

We liaise with professionals at other organisations who may be able to help, including, dieticians, other allied professionals, counsellors and financial advisors.

The Liver Supportive Care Nurse can assist with admission to the hospice for:

• Symptom management
• End of life care