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Sara Lewis’ letter

Sara Lewis’ mum was referred to the Liver Supportive Care Service and found the support to be invaluable. Read the letter Sara sent thanking our Liver Supportive Care Nurse Specialist, Kim Batchelor.


I would like to thank you and your team for the care and treatment given to my mother during her illness. However, I should particularly like to thank you for referring my mother’s case to Kim Batchelor, the Liver Supportive Care Nurse Specialist at St Barnabas House.

This referral was made at a time when it was apparent that mum’s disease had progressed to a level where it was clear that there was little more that could be done medically and it was more a case of keeping her comfortable and out of pain. In all honesty, this referral saved my sanity and helped hugely at an extremely emotive and stressful time.

I understand that this is a relatively new post, but I should like to let you know just how invaluable the support of these nurses is to those of use dealing with this sort of terminal illness on a daily basis. The hospital staff are brilliant at diagnosing and treating, but there isn’t always a lot of practical advice on how to deal with things day to day.

Kim couldn’t have come along at a better time for me and my family. She was able to provide emotional and practical support at a time when, as Mum’s primary carer, I really didn’t know where to turn next.

She led me through all the necessary formalities, practicalities and provided much needed information and advice about options open to Mum as she approached the final stages of her life.

In addition, she dealt with my mother’s fears in an extremely empathetic manner, which made Mum feel very comfortable with her prognosis and took away all her fear and worries, In short, she made an unbearable situation manageable.

Please do all you can to ensure that this position remains as it is worth its weight in gold, as is Kim!

Sara Lewis