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Ensuring Quality

As an independent hospice we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission who require us to appoint a senior manager as our ‘Registered Manager’, who we call our Clinical Director.


Maintaining our standards of hospice care

Each year the Care Quality Commission undertakes an on-site inspection of the hospice care services we provide. Our latest Regulatory Assessment Statement can be found below.


We ask our patients to complete an annual survey commenting on our services. These help us to understand what the people who use the service think about the way support is provided. This enables us to improve the way that we work.

Statement of Purpose

Every year we also publish a Statement of Purpose (found in the Downloads section of this page) providing details on:

• Our company details and numbers

• Our aims and objectives

• Our management structure

• Team staff numbers

It is part of our registration requirement that we make this information available to you and it should be read in conjunction with our patient handbook (found below).

Internal regulation

We have a systematic approach to internal regulation, which we call Clinical Governance. Cathy Stone, Clinical Director is responsible for overseeing this, however, it concerns all staff at St Barnabas House.

We have a rolling programme of audits and service reviews covering all aspects of the care we provide for patients.

This helps us ensure we maintain:

• High quality care

• A safe patient environment

• Continuous improvement

• A main focus on patients as a priority

Current issues in end of life care

We know that there are an increasing number of families and friends who are caring for people at the end of their lives and that the topic is being talked about more. If you would like to learn more about this, please visit the site Dying Matters.

Tell us what you think!

We are constantly trying to improve and develop our service in order that we can build on and develop what works well, but also to change things that are not working well or that you are dissatisfied with. If you are interested in being involved in contributing to service development in any way, please let us know.

We regularly seek views from patients and carers when producing information leaflets, considering service change or development and in planning the new hospice. It is very important that we create what is right for the patients and their families that will be using it.

You can tell us what you think by any of the following methods:

• Speak to a member of staff

• Complete a feedback form

• Contact us by phone, email or post

Feedback forms can be found within the hospice.

How to make a complaint

If you are concerned about the care or service you or a relative are receiving, please talk to a member of staff involved as soon as possible and let them know.

If we have been unable to resolve your problem and you wish to make a complaint, there are a number of ways to do this.

If you would like to make a complaint, raise a concern or provide feedback about any aspect of the care services provided by St Barnabas House, please visit our complaints, concerns and feedback page.


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Referral process
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CQC rating
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