Family at the hospice with their dogs

Our care

For families

We’re here to help you, every step of the way, as you navigate your loved one's illness.

Support we offer for families and carers

We understand that caring for someone close to you can affect you emotionally as well as practically. For example, you may feel sad, angry or scared, or you be worried about things like finances and supporting the rest of your family.

We have a whole team of staff and volunteers who would love to meet you, and provide support.

Social workers

Our social workers are on hand to help you with both emotional and practical concerns. They can help signpost you to other relevant services and help advocate for you if you have any complex or difficult to understand decisions to make.


Our counsellors are here to help you and your family come to terms with the diagnosis of your loved one, and all the changes this means to your day-to-day life .


Our Chaplain can offer you spiritual support and to help you address any questions you have about what you’re feeling. It’s important to note that it doesn’t matter whether you’re religious or not, they will be with you to help you face what’s going on together.

Frequently asked questions

Of course, we’d love you to pop in and spend time with your loved one. You’re also able to stay overnight with them.

Due to COVID-19 we’re keeping the amount of people at the hospice to a minimum, please give us a call and we’ll be able to book you in.

Contact us

We’re here to help, you can discuss any matters with our care team who’ll be able to help you. Here’s some useful resources that provide information and guidance to carers:

Remembering someone who has died is a very personal thing so we offer a range of different ways to give a gift in their memory. Have a look at our Giving in memory page to find out more.

Bereavement support

We have lots of services available for you and your family to support you through a bereavement. This includes counselling, remembrance services and social evenings with other people facing the death of a loved one.

Our bereavement services