Payroll Giving

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a tax-free, ‘give as you earn’ way to support your favourite charities. You can select any amount to be automatically deducted from your monthly salary each month, and this money goes directly to your charity of choice.

What are the benefits of Payroll Giving?

There’s several great features that you’ll benefit from.

  • It’s tax-free: It’s a great way to support charity, with less cost to you. Because Payroll Giving is deducted before tax, your gift goes even further! For instance – if you’re a standard rate taxpayer (20%) a £10 donation will only cost you £8.
  • It’s easy: Once you’ve applied using our online form, there’s noting else you need to do as all payments are made directly via your salary. Donations will stop automatically if you change employers or retire.
  • Your gift might go even further: Many employers offer a scheme where they’re able to match your donation. Check with your workplace if this could be utilised.

You’re also doing something amazing for us. We rely on regular donations because it gives us a reliable income that helps us plan for the future and commit to long-term projects that will help our patients.

How to sign up for Payroll Giving

Step 1

Sign up using our online form. We’ll ask you some simple questions about your salary and your employer.

Fill in the form

Step 2

We’ll get in touch with your Payroll team to start your regular donation.

Step 3

Your gift starts making a difference. Your donation will go toward making hospice care happen.