Our President, Vice Presidents and Patrons

Our President, Vice Presidents and Patrons share our vision to to provide dignity and comfort for adults who need our specialised, supportive care. We’re so grateful for all their valuable time and support.

Vice Presidents

  • Sally Gunnell
  • Elizabeth Naunton
  • Kathy Sambrook
  • Margaret Stroud
Arundel Castle Gala Dinner March 2022

Our Honorary President

Henry Fitzalan Howard, Earl of Arundel

Joined: 2016
About: Businessman and former racing driver, Lord Henry has many local connections through his family home, Arundel Castle. He lives with his wife and daughters and divides his time between London and Sussex.

“I am honoured to be the charity’s President. I take the responsibilities of the role very seriously and pledge to help this wonderful local charity to the best of my ability.”


Margaret Bamford

Peter Bottomley MP

Hon Nick Gibb MP

Steve Hobbs

Ian Jaggard

Derwyn Jones

Tim Loughton MP

Nick Neale

Caroline Nicholls