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Walk of Life

The Walk of Life is the pathway that welcomes visitors to St Barnabas House hospice, filled with messages of dedication, love and hope.

What is The Walk of Life?

The Walk of Life is a collection of hundreds of positive messages of hope, love, fun and remembrance. It reminds us of how connected we all are and how our community worked together to build a hospice that provides end-of-life care for our community.

Image of the walk of life

Can I buy a paver to contribute to The Walk of Life?

We’re now taking orders for new pavers to be added to the Walk of Life in 2024. Use the online form below to let us know which paver you want – and the message you’d like. Someone will be in touch in five working days to discuss your order.

Image of the walk of life and two feet

Why lay a paver on the Walk of Life?

When Jo’s mum and dad passed away she chose to dedicate a personal paver for her parents on the Walk of Life:  “Mum’s brick has “Eat cake” as there was always cake when we visited and mum had a very sweet tooth . Dads: “We’ll get there” something he always said as we muddled our way through life after losing mum and then his own short illness. St Barnabas were there for us and this is just a small way to give some much needed funds so they can continue to support our community.”

Your inscription and how to choose it

The Walk of Life is a place for positive and uplifting messages to welcome our patients and visitors, therefore we kindly ask that ‘in memory of’ or lifespan dates are not used. Instead, we’d recommend including your family, group or company name with something personal, like ‘BEST WISHES’ or KEEP DANCING’. Some favourite inscriptions on the Walk of Life are ‘GONE FISHING’; ‘TO INFINITY AND BEYOND’ and ‘KEEP ON RUNNING’. We might contact you to reword an inscription.

If you’d like and help or advice, we’re here to help, please get in touch!

Your next steps

  1. Fill in the order form below including your contact details and inscription request.
  2. We’ll approve the inscription and contact you to discuss any changes and take payment. You’ll then receive email confirmation with the wording of your inscription. Please check this carefully and let us know within 10 days if it needs amending. We will not be able to make any changes to the inscriptions after this.
  3. New pavers are laid in Autumn each year, therefore it can take several months from ordering to being laid.
  4. We’ll invite you to the hospice to see your paver once it’s laid in the Walk of Life!
About the pavers
See details of each type of paver below. Please note: The images of the pavers are illustrations used to represent how they'll appear on the Walk of Life. The real pavers may have some differences in appearance.
Arrow doodle

Cost: £150.00

Size: 200mm x 100mm

Description: Single red brick paver with two lines of black text. Maximum character limit: 15 characters per line. All inscriptions will be in upper-case letters.

Example of a pave on the Walk of Life

Cost:  £500.00

Size: 200mm x 200mm

Description: Double silver granite paver. Choose between 2 lines of text with a heart or up to 4 lines of text with no heart. The text and heart will all be in black outlines. 15 characters per line. All inscriptions will be in upper-case letters.


Cost: £1,000.00

Size: 300mm x 300mm

Description: Large silver granite paver  with three lines of black text with a small heart outline in black. 15 characters per line. All inscriptions will be in upper-case letters.

Cost: £5,000.00

Size: 600mm x 600mm

Description: Super silver granite paver  with up to four lines of black text with a large heart outline in black. 15 characters per line. All inscriptions will be in upper-case letters.

Paver on the walk of life with a heart and four lines of fake text


The stones are natural and organic so will fade over time. We’re committed to an annual maintenance programme to help with the longevity of the pavers and undertake, an annual clean of the pathway to preserve the appearance of the Walk against natural factors.

The stones may differ in colour from those in the pictures and, over time, the pavers in the walk will wear as they are exposed to the elements. We are not liable for any damage to the stones by natural causes. We are unable to accommodate personal request for individual bricks to be moved or laid in specific places,  due to them being set in mortar and the risk of causing damage to brick or those surrounding them.

St Barnabas House retains complete control over the location and installation of all stones in the Walk of Life. The stones are and will remain the property of the hospice. St Barnabas House reserves the right to refuse any application at its discretion.