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Easy ways to fundraise

Simple ways to fundraise

Get quizzical: Everyone loves a good quiz. A virtual quiz is easy to set up, a great way to bring lots of people together, and has something for everyone, whether they’re a general knowledge guru, film fanatic, or sports smarty. All from the comfort of your own home!

Take on a marathon task: Not all marathons have to be run, why not tackle a marathon task – like a virtual 24-hour dance-a-thon, a full day movie marathon with your mates, or an entire day of silence. Think outside the box, and see if you can challenge yourself to go the distance!

Release your inner Bingo caller: Bingo is making a comeback and is something you can easily do from home! It’s fun for the whole family and is a great way to get together and raise funds whilst apart. TOP TIP: Sites such as My Free Bingo Cards can help you with creating and downloading cards.

If you find your inspiration is lagging you can sign up for virtual challenges with some of the following sites:

Race At Your Pace allows you to sign up to different virtual challenges around swimming, running, cycling or walking each month, with a medal included in the sign-up cost.

The Conqueror: Conquer a virtual Hadrian’s Wall, Inca Trail or English Channel distance, through swimming, walking, running or cycling. Or even conquer the entire length of the UK! Medal and map tracking included with the sign-up fee.

Ditch that daily indulgence

Why not challenge yourself to give up that morning double-shot latte, or choose to walk instead of taking the bus. Simply save the money you would have been spending and donate at the end of the month. It all adds up quickly, and you’ll be helping us provide care for local people with serious life-limiting illnesses.

Make a brave move 

Feeling daring? Maybe consider a sponsored head shave, a wacky new hairstyle or colour. Or start up competitive beard growing with a group of friends. The bigger you go, the bigger the sponsorship!

Donate to charity as you shop

Every time you or your friends and family shop online with certain companies, we can receive a donation from the money you are already spending! How easy is that?

There are various different schemes which allow you to raise money while shopping online, including:

Donate as you search the web

You can also raise money using Easysearch, which combines the results of several search engines to ensure you always find what you’re looking for. Every time you search, half a penny is raised for your local hospice. Search just 15 times a day and you could raise around £25 a year.

Facebook Donate

Facebook Donate is really popular and easy to set up. You just need a Facebook profile. Simply visit our Facebook fundraisers page, click on ‘Raise money’ and follow the instructions to create your fundraiser.

Instagram Donate

Simply add a donation sticker to your Insta story, search for and select St Barnabas House and change the title of your fundraiser.

Register your fundraiser

Get in touch and let us know how you're planning on fundraising, and if you need any help with anything.

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