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What’s it like to work here?

A hospice is a place to help people live their lives to the fullest, and to make every day count. And so, it’s also a place full of incredible staff and volunteers who are passionate about making this happen. Lots of people expect a hospice to be a sad place to work but actually it’s a vibrant place that is full of life. Working here means meeting lots of new people and helping to make memories for patients and families to cherish.

What sort of roles are needed at the hospice?

We’re hospice care pioneers priding ourselves on the innovative care we provide for our patients as well as palliative care and end of life care. Our full clinical team consists of: consultants in palliative medicine, doctors, nurses in the IPU and in patient’s homes. All supported by our family services team of councillors, a chaplain, physiotherapist and artist-in-residence.

Meet Sue - a Staff Nurse at St Barnabas House

Sue talks about the importance of teamwork, why she chose a path in Palliative care and what keeps her excited about her job 28 years on.

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Nurse Laura talks about why she chose hospice nursing

"Yes, there are sad moments because as nurses we develop strong relationships with patients and walk with their families through some of life’s most difficult moments. But when my team are all in the office together it’s never sad or depressing because we all love what we do and the difference we can make. We talk, laugh and occasionally cry together, but whatever happens everyone is so supportive."

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What training and development is on offer?

There’s lots of opportunities to develop at St Barnabas House and we regularly run educational courses and training for our staff. You can find out more over on our Education and training page

Education and training courses