Festive fundraising ideas

How to fundraise at Christmas

  • Host a Christmas bake sale. This is a classic Christmas fundraising idea for a reason. People love sweet treats and they’re more likely to donate if they’re getting something delicious in return. You can bake your own treats, or ask friends and family to contribute. Sell your goodies for a small donation, you could see if your workplace or school would let you sell them at lunchtime.
  • Have a Christmas carolling party. This is a fun and festive way to raise money. Gather your friends and family, and head out to your neighbourhood to sing carols. Collect donations from your neighbours, and donate the proceeds to your favourite charity.
  • Host a Christmas raffle. Ask local businesses to donate prizes, and then sell tickets to your raffle. The winner will get to take home a prize, and you’ll raise money for your charity.
  • Help wrap pressies: Get donations in return for wrapping presents! Offer your wrapping services to friends and family, or even see if you can set up a stall in a public space – like a shopping centre.
  • Forgo the traditional gifts: We know money’s quite tight around Christmas, and you might feel bad asking for donations when you know someone’s also likely to be buying you a pressie too! Why not ask some of your nearest and dearest to just donate to you instead of getting you something.
  • Get creative: Save money an make presents for your friends then donate the rest of what you would have spent on their gift to your fundraiser.
  • New Years Eve party: Throw a big end of year celebration and set up collection tins around the place – a great way to get your friends together and help them get rid of the loose change at the same time.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With a little creativity and effort, you can raise a lot of money for charity this Christmas. So get out there and start fundraising!

Join in Reindeer Fun

Choose your own date in December to hold a Reindeer Fun day full of Christmas themed activities. Raise sponsorship for local people with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

Everyone's welcome to take part - schools, youth groups, workplaces and sports teams have all got involved in previous years. The best thing about Reindeer Fun is that you can create whatever festive fundraising ideas you'd like, to suit all ages, abilities or size of group.