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Support services

Our Patient and Family Support team are here to help you manage the challenges that come with a life-limiting illness.

The aim of the Patient and Family Support Team is to support you and your family emotionally, practically and spiritually throughout your illness. We have a range of professionals here to support you on your journey through dealing with a life-limiting illness.

Artist -in-residence

We are lucky to be one of only a few hospices in the UK with a well equipped, dedicated art studio which is facilitated by our artist-in-residence Stevan Stratford. Through different activities, provided 1:1 in person, or online, our artist can work with you to develop your creative voice and ideas. You can achieve this through a wide range of artistic forms, from the written word, sound, performance, photography and film making through to traditional art forms such as painting, sculpture and printmaking to name just a few. You can create something for yourself or for someone else, the choice is yours and our artist can support you along the way.

Image of our artist-in residence in front of some artwork

Pastoral care lead

Whatever your beliefs, we want to make sure you’re supported spiritually. Our Pastoral team can spend time with you and your family if you want to talk about the spiritual or religious impact of your illness. They’re also happy to liaise, if you wish, with your own faith community.


Our counsellors offer emotional support and counselling to you, your family or carer. They can meet you by yourselves, or together and we’re happy to provide this service at the hospice, or in your own home.


Our hospice psychologist will offer support to you and your loved ones, they’ll find out what’s important for you to work on and each relationship between psychologist and patient is unique.

Social worker

Our social worker can help provide practical advice and is here to advocate for you and your needs while living with a life-limiting illness, plus they can offer you emotional support as well. Our social worker can also help with the arrangement of your care following a stay as an in-patient in the hospice.

Welfare, benefits and carer support adviser

We understand how difficult it can be to navigate the benefits system to find out exactly what support is out there for you and your loved ones. Our adviser is on hand to provide guidance on welfare and disability benefits to patients and carers. Plus support you through the application process.