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Training on a vegan diet 

There are many reasons to follow a vegan diet, not only can you enjoy some tasty meals but also discover a whole host of wonderful new ingredients. There are many athletes and sporting professionals who have embraced the world of veganism! By making sure that they can compete at the top of their game and that their bodies are fuelled correctly to take on the task. And excel.  

Have a look at this post from Wiggle on how to perform on a vegan diet to hopefully inspire you.  

Weights aren’t just for bodybuilders

Strength training doesn’t have to include 50kg dumbbells and enormous muscle mass – in fact, strength training is integral to a well-rounded training programme. As muscle mass decreases over time, it’s important to activate your muscles to keep them strong and healthy. Bodyweight exercises are a great way to get started – no equipment needed!

Have a read through this article from the Mayo Clinic about how strength training gets you stronger, leaner and healthier.

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