Two teenage boys playing on a games console

Gaming for Good

Are you a gamer? Would your friends baulk at the idea of walking 10,000 steps but be up for a 24-hour gameathon?

Gaming for Good is an innovative, new and exciting way to fundraise for your local hospice.

Typically, an event will consist of a 24-hour gaming marathon where fundraisers will livestream their game playing on websites such as Twitch. Twitch is a livestreaming platform focusing on video gaming, among other creative content.

How you can get started

There are lots of different streaming platforms available. You’ll probably have heard of Facebook, YouTube and Twitch, but did you know you can now livestream on JustGiving too?

Most live streams allow viewers to watch the gamer in real-time as they complete a series of challenges. The challenge could be to play for a certain period of time or to complete a game as quickly as possible.

You could even host a FIFA tournament or Call of Duty league, stream it all live and ask participants to make a donation to enter!

If you use Twitch you can add a JustGiving button to your channel which allows your followers to donate to your JustGiving page.

If you use Facebook for livestreaming you can now select a cause for your viewers to support, set donation goals, add a progress bar and share donation alerts. Read this blog from Facebook Gaming to learn more.

You can find more information about Gaming for Good on JustGiving and you can find St Barnabas House on Twitch.

While livestreaming, you can be talking to your viewers and encouraging them to donate as you reach certain levels or achievements in the game.

You could even hold a raffle during your live stream to boost the donations (find more about holding raffles on our keep it legal page).

It’s important that you consider your own health and safety when Gaming for Good. Here are some of our top tips for livestreaming:

  • Have regular breaks away from your screen (five minutes every hour is recommended, with longer breaks to eat and drink).
  • Avoid drinking lots of energy drinks!
  • Stand up for some of the challenge to avoid repetitive strain injury.
  • Consider your privacy settings and if streaming to a public audience, don’t say anything that might put yourself at risk.

Our Community Fundraisers would love to hear about the fundraising you have planned. If you have any questions or need any support with your fundraising, please contact us.