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The position of Artist-in-Residence at St Barnabas House was first established in 2005 and was set up initially by Rosetta Life, an artist-led organisation delivering residencies in hospices and hospitals across the UK. Our current Artist-in-Residence is Stevan Stratford.


What does the Artist-in-Residence do?

Through conversations, the artist can help you explore what it is you wish to express and communicate. Working with the artist you can transform you ideas, thoughts and emotions in to artworks.

St Barnabas House artArtworks can take many forms such as writing, poetry, photography, video, painting, sculpture, song and performance. The focus is on finding what you want to say and expressing it in a meaningful and appropriate way.

How does this help?

Often, people with life-limiting illness can feel isolated or distanced from society. When faced with a terminal illness some may surrender their career or social life, losing their sense of purpose. We hope that working creatively with the artist can offer you the opportunity to discover a new sense of purpose.

The creative process can help you to express something you feel unable to do through words alone. It can give you the opportunity to communicate an idea or concern to a loved one in a deeply profound way, while acting as a lasting visual legacy.

Do you need to be artistic?

We strongly believe everyone has the ability to be creative. With guidance from the artist we have helped many people find hidden or long forgotten artistic talents.

It is the role of the Artist-in-Residence to help you to facilitate your ideas. You can be as involved with the technical production as you wish and you will be in control of the project at all times.

What facilities are available?

St Barnabas House Art RoomSt Barnabas House is one of very few in the country to have a spacious, dedicated art studio. It is well equipped for the digital arts with computers, digital audio, video and photography equipment. A wide variety of traditional media is also available including film photography, painting, printing, drawing, and sculpture materials.

What happens to the artworks?

You own all work and only you decide who sees your work. With your permission, your work can be shared via the Rosetta Life website. This offers you and your family a voice, enabling you to share your artwork, stories and concerns with a worldwide audience. With permission, works can be shared by exhibiting them around the hospice, enhancing the environment and acting as inspiration to others.

How do I get to work with the Artist-in-Residence?

If you wish to talk with the Artist-in-Residence, please call Stevan Stratford on 01903 706300 or email stevan.stratford@stbh.org.uk.

Alternatively, speak to a member of the hospice staff who can contact Stevan on your behalf.

Creative Space

We recently started a new art group called ‘Creative Space’ for family and close friends of patients known to the hospice. The group provides a supportive and safe place in which people can take time for themselves and express themselves creatively.

Find out more about Creative Space.


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