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Here you'll find articles about what we do, and how we support people with life-limiting illnesses. All blogs written by expert hospice staff, patients and family members - on a range of topics we're passionate about and think you'll find interesting.

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A man and woman smile while wearing sunglasses
Michael and Barbara’s story
"We felt so welcome when we first arrived, and nothing seems like too much trouble. Everybody we have met has been absolutely brilliant."
A woman and a man smiling at the camera during a walk
Brian’s story
"Being able to access counselling sessions through the Patient and Family support team at St Barnabas House has been amazing."
Smiling man with glasses and a beard
Paul’s story
"I am, I hope, a positive person and if you get that sort of diagnosis, what you say is this could obviously lead to my death. The options are to sit on the sofa and wait to die or to make as much as you can of whatever time you have left, and that is what I have been doing. But treatment continues and hope remains."
Image of Helen and Adrian
Helen and Adrian’s story
"Whilst I’m lucky to have an amazing support network, grief still left me feeling lonely and isolated. Because, until you have experienced the pain of loss, I don’t think you can fully understand how it feels. "
Fiona celebrating with a glass of bubbles
Fiona’s story
"Despite all this, Mum’s happiness and humour was quickly picked up on by the nurses and it was beautiful to see the connection they had with her. "
Selfie of Tony and wife
Tony’s Story
"The pain of losing your partner, your soulmate, is almost impossible to describe. I miss his laughter and his crazy socks every day. But I can honestly say that saying goodbye to Tony was easier thanks to the support of St Barnabas. "
Sue and Stevan in the art room
Sue’s story
"I look forward to visiting the hospice and I’m doing something that means such a lot to me. Rather than sitting at home and giving up, I now have a collection of beautiful artworks and the grief I felt on that first visit to the art room feels a little less raw."
Sarah and her mum in the art room at the Hospice
Sarah’s story
"She makes me laugh all the time, and everyone she meets loves her because she’s so bubbly and chatty. Just being around Sarah makes you feel better."
Image of a photograph of Sandie
Sandie’s story
We broke down in tears. She’d worked in palliative care most of her life, but nothing can prepare you for that news. 
Lara and her family
Lara’s story
"St Barnabas brought us all a huge sense of relief from no longer having to worry about things like medicines, personal care or feeding. And it also gave my dad a lot of peace, knowing we were being looked after too."
A woman and a man smiling together
Ben’s story
"The Care Team at St Barnabas House are amazing, I’d even describe them as angels. We were at the hospice for the worst possible reason, but we still smiled and chuckled every single day."
Image of Dom and his wife at St Barnabas House Hospice
Dom’s story
"From the start to finish of our relationship, we never had a dull moment. We laughed every single day and even when things progressed with Dom’s illness, humour was our way of coping with life."