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Here you'll find articles about what we do, and how we support people with life-limiting illnesses. All blogs written by expert hospice staff, patients and family members - on a range of topics we're passionate about and think you'll find interesting.

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Therapy dog, Betty
Meet Betty – the service dog putting a smile on everyone’s face
Each visit to a hospice patient is tailored to their needs. Some of our patients and family members might want to have Betty visit them in their room to cuddle and fuss over her.
Image of dad consoling his son
Helping you talk to children about death
Talking to children about death is difficult. Where do you start? Will they understand? How will they react? What questions will they ask?
Lara and dad
It’s your time to be selfish
"When my Dad received his terminal prognosis in March 2020, I didn’t want there to be a single word left unsaid to him."
Image of the hospice grounds
The importance of our patient gardens
We try to encourage nature as much as possible into our gardens, people often comment on how lovely it is to look out their windows and see and hear wildlife.
Documents and research
How does research inform hospice care?
Participating in health care research helps us develop, improve, and provide the best quality of care to our patients and their families.
Holding art in the art room
Art and storytelling at the hospice
" I have often heard ‘I can’t paint, I can’t draw’, and that may be the case, but it does not mean you are not creative. Everyone has a story to tell"
Beryl at the hospice
Beryl’s story
"A lot of people find the hospice to be a very happy place, including me. It’s a place where you can learn new things, where you can meet people, share your troubles, but also share your happiness."
Close up image of two people embracing
Nina’s story
"At the beginning there were lots of dark days, but thankfully they’re getting fewer. I know that if I knocked on St Barnabas’s door tomorrow and said I was struggling I’d be invited in and offered counselling."
Margaret with daughter, Andrea
Margaret’s story
"Thanks to the hospice, I look back on the last few months of Mum’s life as a gift. With help to keep her comfortable at home, I could spend quality time with Mum – as her daughter, not her carer."
Family stories - Don
Don’s story
“I thought a hospice was just a row of beds with people on their way out, but it was a lovely surprise to find nice wide open spaces, full of light and comfy furniture.”
Chrystabell’s story
When one of the nurses recognised Ted from when he sang and entertained in the St Barnabas Day Hospice she said, “This is such a privilege, to be able to give something back to him for all he gave to us.”
Audrey-and-Phil on their wedding day
Audrey’s story
"I admired Audrey so much, her ability to keep her strength and dignity throughout her illness was an inspiration."