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Here you'll find articles about what we do, and how we support people with life-limiting illnesses. All blogs written by expert hospice staff, patients and family members - on a range of topics we're passionate about and think you'll find interesting.

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Image of a photograph of Sandie
Sandie’s story
We broke down in tears. She’d worked in palliative care most of her life, but nothing can prepare you for that news. 
Lara and her family
Lara’s story
"St Barnabas brought us all a huge sense of relief from no longer having to worry about things like medicines, personal care or feeding. And it also gave my dad a lot of peace, knowing we were being looked after too."
Smiling and waving St Barnabas House volunteer
The heart of our community
Find out what it takes to volunteer for St Barnabas House - and the type of roles we have available.
A woman and a man smiling together
Ben’s story
"The Care Team at St Barnabas House are amazing, I’d even describe them as angels. We were at the hospice for the worst possible reason, but we still smiled and chuckled every single day."
Image of Dom and his wife at St Barnabas House Hospice
Dom’s story
"From the start to finish of our relationship, we never had a dull moment. We laughed every single day and even when things progressed with Dom’s illness, humour was our way of coping with life."
Volunteer and patient at home
Daphne’s story
"Until you need a hospice, you have no idea that the care also extends way beyond the hospice building. The regular phone calls, links with her GP and home visits were all so reassuring."
Linda’s story
"If you’re fortunate in life, you will meet that one person who is as much a part of you as your own body and soul. For me, that person was Linda."
Family snap of Graham
Marilyn’s story
"I still miss his laughter every day, but I know I wouldn’t have managed to get to the stage I am now without the hospice and the ongoing counselling I’ve received."
Laura a the hospice
Six reasons why I decided to become a hospice nurse after I graduated from university
"We talk, laugh and occasionally cry together, but whatever happens everyone is so supportive."
Lara and her sister having fun with their dad
No right way to grieve
"Death is the (very large) elephant in the room that we often feel uncomfortable talking about despite the fact it affects all of us, and everyone around us."
Image of two St Barnabas hospice nurses meeting outside the hospice and sharing a joke
What to expect when visiting a hospice
We want you to know what to expect when visiting St Barnabas House, and hopefully settle your nerves.
Close up of brushes in the art room at the hospice
Working with our artist in residence
"Art is all about enjoying something and having a sense of ‘yes I can’, not ‘I can’t’. It can be very empowering. The art room is all about giving you time and skills when you might feel like everything else is taken away from you."