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Here you'll find articles about what we do, and how we support people with life-limiting illnesses. All blogs written by expert hospice staff, patients and family members - on a range of topics we're passionate about and think you'll find interesting.

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Selfie of Tony and wife
Tony’s Story
"The pain of losing your partner, your soulmate, is almost impossible to describe. I miss his laughter and his crazy socks every day. But I can honestly say that saying goodbye to Tony was easier thanks to the support of St Barnabas. "
Corrine in a garden smiling into the camera
Why I signed up as an Emotional Support Volunteer
Corinne explains why her role as an Emotional Support Volunteer means so much to her, what her role entails ant the type of training and support she gets from the hospice.
Image of Jazzy
Why I became a hospice Community Companion
Jazzy, 28, is our youngest Community Companion. After studying psychology at university, Jazzy wanted to positively impact someone’s life and use her skills to help others, so she looked for a role in hospice care.
A patient and occupational therapist out in the hospice gardens.
Helping you live with frailty
Find out about our six-week Frailty Wellbeing Programme as part of our Living Well service, helping older people and their carers with the challenges that come with ageing and reduced mobility.
Sue and Stevan in the art room
Sue’s story
"I look forward to visiting the hospice and I’m doing something that means such a lot to me. Rather than sitting at home and giving up, I now have a collection of beautiful artworks and the grief I felt on that first visit to the art room feels a little less raw."
Image of the Chapel at St Barnabas House
What it’s like to be a hospice chaplain
"We hope to be sensitive and compassionate listeners who will walk beside someone as they journey, providing a space for people to be open about what they are experiencing."
Sarah and her mum in the art room at the Hospice
Sarah’s story
"She makes me laugh all the time, and everyone she meets loves her because she’s so bubbly and chatty. Just being around Sarah makes you feel better."
Sheet music and tuner
Sharing the joy
“Making music is a massive joy in my life. The St Barnabas Community Choir is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. As the famous phrase goes, ‘Music speaks where words fail,’ and to me that is totally true."
Image of two adults holding hands
Dying Matters Week – Katie’s Story
What happens when you are grieving a death of a loved one, and your workplace is a hospice? Our Future Care-Coordinator Katie Barrett shares her story.
Patient and nurse planting at the hospice
Living Well at St Barnabas House
In 2021, we introduced a new Living Well service. This innovation in care aims to enhance the support available for patients requiring help with symptoms. The number and type of sessions continues to grow and diversify.
Having a hand massage
What is complementary therapy?
Find out what complementary therapy is, hear from our complimentary therapists, and read how our patients are benefitting from different therapies.
Image of a photograph of Sandie
Sandie’s story
We broke down in tears. She’d worked in palliative care most of her life, but nothing can prepare you for that news.